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DailyMoodz is a fun and different way to share and track moods. More social than ever! See who else around you is feeling the same way you do. Connect with them based on your moods. Check-in your mood, upload photos, like, comment, share with people who best understand your emotional state of mind. Everyone needs their own space and that's why we respect your DailyMoodz Space. Join this new social emotional revolution and see how it will change your life. Better yet, the world.Current Features: - Create Account- Check-In Mood to Map- Post Image to Map (Plus User)- Comment & Share (Plus User)
DAILYMOODZ TRENDS- View and comment on trending issues.- Chat with friends by commenting on custom admin messages.
CONNECTIONS- Add friends to view moods and comment privately. - Manage your contacts from your account
MOOD COMMENTS - Add new friends to view and comment on their moods privately.- Receive notifications when friends check in or comment on your mood. - Share moods from map.
More features coming soon. Let us know your feedback on how we can better improve your DailyMoodz experience.